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DrinkPAK Welcomes Future Business Leaders of America

Students from Hart School District’s Future Business Leaders of America participated in a plant tour and quality lab experience to inspire leadership careers in manufacturing.

The visiting future leaders learned about DrinkPAK and careers in manufacturing. General Manager, Gary Corona, led the presentation and shared his career journey. Then the students walked through the manufacturing floor and witnessed the incredible speed of DrinkPAK’s production lines on tours led by Daniel Burris and Josh Darrow.

“The William S. Hart Union High School District appreciates and values the industry partnership with DrinkPAK. We are so thankful to DrinkPAK for opening its doors to our Saugus High School CTE students in Computer Science and Business Management and providing them with an experience to see cutting-edge automation, digitization, robotics, and advanced technology operating in the workplace at DrinkPAK. Students are able to experience first-hand the integration of technology, manufacturing, and business applications, as well as, hear directly from industry experts in these vital and high-demand fields. This experience brings career readiness to our students, enabling them to see how their own passions, interests, and attributes, fit into the technology and business industry.  The Hart District is grateful to DrinkPAK for their commitment toward preparing the future workforce through their partnership and for the district in our commitment to ensuring every student graduates opportunity ready to meet their personal and professional post-secondary goals."


From depalletizing empty cans to wrapping a pallet of finished goods, the students gained a comprehensive understanding of the entire production process. As they stepped into the shoes of Quality Technicians, Marcel Chavez had the students conduct volume tests to ensure the highest quality product makes its way to consumers. 

The tour concluded with an up-close look at DrinkPAK's state-of-the-art technology, including the robogrip, palletizer, and shrink wrapper.

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